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πŸ’« Meet The Team - Alan Si

Get to know Alan Si, our Head of Engineering, with our latest "Meet the Team" series. Meet our growing team, hear about their journey to Zevero, and understand what drives them.

πŸ’«  Meet The Team - Alan Si

What inspired you to work in the decarbonising business?

When I was living in my hometown, Hong Kong, I had never heard much about sustainability – people were mostly focused on recycling. After moving to the UK and seeing "Net Zero" slogans everywhere, my interest was sparked. I felt inspired to get involved in this important and exciting field.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Zevero?

What I enjoy most about my role at Zevero is the opportunity to introduce various technologies to our business. As the Head of Engineering, it's very rewarding to see our co-founders, Ben and George, always open to our ideas. Additionally, our development team has strengths in different areas, allowing us to effectively work on these ideas together.

Tell us one small thing that makes your day better

One little thing that brightens up my day is when I cuddle with my dog as soon as I come home. It’s such a simple act, but it fills me with joy and warmth.Β 

What’s your favourite quote?

Actions speak louder than words

If you had to recommend one thing to read, watch or listen to, what would it be?

My top recommendation right now would be to check out the blog from Quastor. They cover all the latest in tech, making it a must-read for anyone who's into technology. You'll find a wealth of interesting content there that's perfect for tech fans.

What was your first job?

My very first job was at a startup company that specialises in digital marketing. I'm grateful for the opportunity because I got to learn a great deal from both the co-founder and the CTO. They taught me so much about how startup businesses operate and how technology plays a crucial role in marketing strategies.

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

You might spot me on a Sunday morning at the National Trust area in London. If you see three Shiba Inu dogs, two red ones and one black, accompanied by four Hoomans, please feel free to come over and say hi. It's likely that you've found me!


What would be your specialist Mastermind subject?

Hand drip coffee, especially from Colombia. It's something I enjoy every day and really love to start my day with a refreshing cup of coffee. Feel free to share any coffee with me!

Your favourite Zevero project so far

My most loved project at the moment is the major updates we're currently working on. These updates are super exciting because they'll make our program usable in many different languages, so people everywhere can use it easily. Also, we're making significant improvements to how quickly and smoothly everything works, which will enhance the overall experience! Keep an eye out for updates...


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