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Zevero Now Integrates With BrewMan

Zevero now integrates directly with the brewery and distillery management software BrewMan.
Written by
George Wade
Published on
June 6, 2023
Zevero partners with BrewMan to make it easier for breweries and distilleries measure and report emissions.

We're excited to announce that Zevero has now integrated with BrewMan, one of the UK’s leading brewery management tools. The integration will allow breweries to automatically collect the data they need to accurately and easily measure, report and reduce their emissions.

Why it matters

Annually, the UK brewing industry is responsible for 480,000 tCO2e (BBPA, 2019) and like all industries, needs to transition for a net zero future. The impacts of climate change are already clear, impacting everything from the price, quality and availability of crops, to creating water shortages and rising energy bills.

About BrewMan

BrewMan offers brewery management software for breweries and distilleries and is trusted by over 300 companies globally. You can find out more about their software here:

The integration

If you’re a BrewMan customer you can simply connect your Zevero account by adding your API key and ID to the Zevero platform. You can see our documentation on how to do this here.

Once you connect your account your purchase data will link with Zevero and our platform will automatically calculate your emissions. We’ll take the number of hops you buy, where and how they travel and turn it into actionable climate data.

The system will then automatically update every day meaning you get a real-time understanding of your company’s carbon emissions.

The benefits

This integration will allow any company using BrewMan to track the environmental impact of their purchases and deliveries, helping solve the complex task of measuring scope 3 emissions.

Brewers and distillers can now more easily:

  • 🔎 Track their emissions and identify opportunities to reduce them.
  • 📉 Create emission reduction plans and track their progress.
  • 📝 Report their emissions to stakeholders.

Sam Williams, BrewMan’s commercial director had this to say about the integration.

“Increasingly, our brewery users are seeking to make their businesses sustainable and reduce their emissions. This exciting new partnership will enable them to turn their comprehensive data stored in their BrewMan system into actionable insight through Zevero's platform to make a significant real world impact.”

Between Zevero and BrewMan’s sustainability features, such as water usage tracking and energy consumption monitoring, breweries are well equipped to track their impact and be part of the climate solution.

If you’re a BrewMan customer and want to see how this integration can help make it easier to accurately calculate your carbon emissions, get in touch!

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