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Who are MOTH?

In MOTH’s words, they make the best cocktails in a can, for friends anywhere. Their attention to detail and focus on making the highest quality drinks has meant MOTH have taken off over the last two years, quickly becoming the spirit brand to watch in 2023 and selling a can of MOTH every 11 seconds in December.

MOTH founders Rob Wallis (left) and Samuel Hunt (right).
What does sustainability mean to MOTH?

Sustainability is important to MOTH, and one of the KPIs that they measure their success by.

However, it is never intended as a marketing gimmick, or to be seen as 'cocktails for the planet'. By focusing on accountability, and reducing their impact, their approach is exactly what we need.

They've been refreshing to work with, and not just for the free drinks.

Why did they want to measure their emissions?

Motivated by the UN Sustainable Development goals (especially numbers 12 and 13) and the UK’s Net Zero by 2050 goal, MOTH know that as a team they can do their bit and they can keep track of their progress. They’re also aware that the climate and environmental crisis is happening in parts of the world already and causing a lot of damage, so it’s not something that can be ignored. As a passionate group of people, they’re all very aligned on working towards becoming a B-Corp.

What have they done and where are they on their journey?

MOTH are at the start of their pathway, having just received their plans for the GHG inventory after working Zevero. Their main priority for the year is to approach suppliers and gain more accurate data to get an even clearer snapshot of where they are on their sustainability journey and will be working with them closely to ensure their joint commitment in bettering their operations.

Why did you chose to work with Zevero?

Lanna at MOTH explained:

“We chose Zevero so that we could track our data 24/7, and it’s easy to update. Because MOTH is a small company, our situation is always changing, growing and impacting our supply chain. We wanted to work with a company that could adapt and grow with us. On a practical level, we wanted to be able to connect to our existing systems like Xero too”.

Another reason is that we at Zevero make it possible to avoid manual data entry “I can’t stress enough how much sending data in the format we have saves so much time” Lanna shared.

Why would you recommend Zevero

One of the best things we've found since working with Zevero is the flexibility and ability to offer additional services such as product footprints and life cycle assessments.

They've also been brilliant with supporting the way we communicate our impact and helping avoid greenwashing which is extremely valuable to us. We highly recommend Zevero as a climate partner!