We exist to fight climate change.

We're a global team on a mission to make sure that every business has an actionable sustainability programme.


About Zevero

Zevero was founded in 2021 with the belief that companies needed better tools to measure and reduce their carbon impact. Our goal was simple: prevent as many emissions entering the planet's atmosphere as possible.

We built Zevero to accelerate the process of measuring companies' carbon footprint, allowing them to spend time on what really matters, their business.

Today, Zevero is a team of 30+ people, with offices in Singapore, London and Japan. Our customers are global and span across various industries. They include the likes of industry leaders, such as Wieden+Kennedy, Yakima Chief Hops and waterdrop, as well as rapidly rising challenger brands like MOTH, Delphis Eco and VitHit.

Zevero combines climate expertise with our AI enabled platform helping companies to seamlessly comply to sustainability disclosures, and drive value through insights and analytics.


Our people and impact

We're a global team of climate experts, technologists and leaders with a passion to solve climate change.

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Trusted by global climate leaders


"Zevero’s ability to provide granular supply chain data meant we could launch an industry first custom carbon report for our customers to see the impact of their purchases.”

Innes Christison
Head of Scope 3, Delphis Eco

“Zevero have been fantastic at helping us measure our emissions, set targets and understand how to reduce our impact as we scale. With their support and strategy, we’re also collecting more granular supply chain data to improve the accuracy of our calculations.”

Hannah Truelove
Head of Business Management and Transformation, Linnworks

“Zevero have been instrumental in helping us measure and reduce our global company emissions in line with science based targets. We could not have achieved B Corp certification for the Wieden+Kennedy network of offices without their partnership.”

Luke Purdy
Director of Sustainability, Wieden+Kennedy
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Climate leadership

We're all passionate about climate, obsessed with our customers and building a product to last.

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Shigeo Taniuchi
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Yuya Kuratomi
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Ben Richardson
Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
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George Wade
Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
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