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Zevero and Sustainability Squared Announce Strategic Partnership to Speed up Business Net Zero Progress

Zevero is excited to announce a new partnership with Sustainability Squared.

Zevero and Sustainability Squared Announce Strategic Partnership to Speed up Business Net Zero Progress

LONDON, 8th July - Zevero, an innovative provider of actionable sustainability programmes, has announced a strategic partnership with Sustainability Squared (S2) who deliver end-to-end solutions enabling brands and retailers to meet their sustainability requirements.

Zevero is committed to fighting climate change by making sustainable changes accessible, measurable, and actionable for organisations worldwide. Combining AI-driven technology and expert advisory, Zevero empowers businesses to act on sustainability by measuring, reducing, and reporting their impact on the planet. 

George Wade, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Zevero, expressed his excitement for the partnership: “Collaboration with organisations that share our mission is a key driver for Zevero. By combining our technology with Sustainability Squared’s strategic approach, we can make it easier for organisations to realise their sustainability potential. With only 65 months to 2030, the more we can do to decarbonise and faster, the better”.

This announcement follows Sustainability Squared’s recent appointment of Courtney Holm as a brand ambassador. Courtney Holm, an award-winning executive with over 20 years of experience in sustainability, brings a wealth of knowledge from her senior roles at Unilever, Capgemini Invent, and 2 Degrees for Tesco. Her newly launched business, The Holm Edit, was founded to make sustainable choices simple.

Andrew Sitzberger, Founder and CEO of Sustainability Squared, shared his enthusiasm: “Sustainability Squared speaks daily to companies about sustainability strategy, and now Zevero will be an important part of the solutions that we offer. Zevero’s expertise in tackling scope 3 emissions is unparalleled, and we know firsthand that many organisations need this support. By collaborating with partners like Zevero and Courtney Holm, S2 enhance what we can offer organisations looking to reduce their impact on the planet and ultimately achieve net zero faster.”

The partnership between Zevero and Sustainability Squared is poised to deliver significant benefits to businesses seeking to reduce emissions across the entire value chain and navigate the complexities of sustainable business practices. By leveraging data and insights, the combined efforts will drive impactful solutions that are both agile and effective, ensuring businesses can make lasting and measurable improvements to their environmental footprint.

For more information about Zevero and Sustainability Squared, please visit: 

About Zevero

Zevero is a prominent carbon accounting and decarbonisation platform dedicated to empowering companies towards a net zero future. Its comprehensive software solution leverages AI, automated emissions calculations, supply chain data integrations, and real-time analytics to accurately measure and reduce carbon footprints for companies across various industries. With operations spanning 20 countries and managing over 100 million kgCO2e, Zevero is committed to driving global sustainability efforts. 

About Sustainability Squared Limited

Sustainability Squared Limited is dedicated to advancing sustainable business practices. With a focus on strategic sustainability solutions, Sustainability Squared helps companies navigate the complexities of sustainability to achieve their environmental goals. 

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